Unofficial Novel



Journey to the Cursed Mines


Years ago, miners and Guardians from the village of Truxton went missing after going to the Cursed Mines. Now David’s cousin Ethan, who was jealous of David’s fame from the Quest for Redstone, has disappeared just a few days after vowing to find the mines and make a name for himself.  

With most of Ashdale’s Guardians out searching for him in the wrong places, only David and two Guardians are left to take the perilous journey to the Cursed Mines. With the aid of armor and weapons enchanted by village elders, they set off for the mountain pass of the Highlands, not knowing what fearful mobs await them.  

Note: “Journey to the Cursed Mines” is not authorized by the makers or rights-holders to the Minecraft video game. Although the story is based on many elements of Minecraft, for realism it does not closely follow actual game play. 

This novel contains very mild violence and no foul language. It is appropriate for all ages. 


Full size map of the village of Ashdale (click here)


Full size map of Ashdale and surrounding Territory (click here)


Images of Ashdale below:

Central courtyard overlooking the fountain. Shows the Town Hall straight ahead, library and
schoolhouse on right, and Infirmary/Healer Lodge on left. In the distance is a guard tower.


View of the mighty Heath River from on top of the west wall. Shows the bridge across the river
 and the dock. A small storage facility is in the foreground.


View of the south wall showing several residences, a guard tower, and one of the public wells.