A History of its Industries, Railroads and Inventions




The Meatloaf Incident

And Other Adventures

Author's Note: Written in 1989, The Meatloaf Incident is loosely based on childhood adventures growing up in Hebron, New York (a small town near the Vermont border). Because it was printed for the benefit of family, there will be no other reprints (only 100 were made available to the public).


Table of Contents 

Escape From West Mountain…1
Out Into the Great Wide Open…20
The Forbidden Fields…34
On The Edge of Dreamland…56
Advance on Indian Head Lookout…74
Sideshow: Adventures In Farming…94
The Mystery of the Missing Barn…112
Trouble in Paradise…126
The Meatloaf Incident…147
In Pursuit of Happiness…162
Finding the Lost Hills…179
Curtain Call: Leprechaun Valley…197
Chronology of Events…220

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