Unofficial Novel



The Quest for Redstone


The Quest for Redstone: An Unofficial Minecraft Novel

David is a miner from the village of Ashdale. The problem is, all of the caves nearby have been mined of any available iron and coal. In the library he learns that an ancient village used a substance called redstone for building powered rails to mines far away. However, the only redstone known to exist within a day’s journey is across Heath River in the forests of Banewood. Few have traveled inside of that dark, fearsome jungle, where zombies roam day and night, spiders attack every minute, and creatures from other worlds are believed to guard its secrets… 

Note: “The Quest for Redstone” is not authorized by the makers or rights-holders to the Minecraft video game. "Minecraft" is a trademark of Notch Development AB.

Although the story is based on many elements of Minecraft, for realism it does not closely follow actual game play.

This story contains very mild violence and no foul language. It is appropriate for all ages.


A low light could be seen in the distance coming out of an opening in the left wall. The Company approached it slowly with swords held high. Just as they were about to reach it, the passage ahead became swarmed with skeletons. The leading Guardians rushed forward to engage them with swords, since skeletons were easier to kill up close.  

As the swordsmen dealt with the skeletons, David and Mary had a chance to look to the left where the light was coming from. They beheld a sight that neither will soon forget. The opening had a steep drop off into a large room. In the center of the room was a small cage that formed a cube, which glowed orange as if there was a fire inside. A group of zombies hovered around the cage, heedless of the people who were staring at them from a few yards away. Suddenly a group of four more zombies appeared from nowhere beside the cage, fully formed. Then another group of four appeared. Several cave spiders hovered near the ceiling, seeming to watch the activity closely. 

David thought the scene couldn’t get any more horrific, but then a green colored horse appeared from the opening at the far side of the room. It walked slowly, mindlessly bumping into zombies and the walls.

“A zombie horse!” Mary exclaimed. More zombies appeared near the cage every few seconds, quickly filling the room. David could only stare in mute horror, unable to move.


Full size map of the village of Ashdale (click here)


Full size map of Ashdale and surrounding Territory (click here)


Images of Ashdale below:

Central courtyard overlooking the fountain. Shows the Town Hall straight ahead, library and
schoolhouse on right, and Infirmary/Healer Lodge on left. In the distance is a guard tower.


View of the mighty Heath River from on top of the west wall. Shows the bridge across the river
 and the dock. A small storage facility is in the foreground.


View of the south wall showing several residences, a guard tower, and one of the public wells.