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Troy Record

Five Questions For Tim Starr

Published: September 20, 2010

Tim Starr is the Special Projects Officer at Schenectadyís Hometown Health Center. Originally from Danbury, Conn., he moved with his family to Granville when he was six-years-old and then eventually moved to Saratoga County after college. He attended Castleton State College in Vermont where he studied accounting and history. His book Great Inventors of New Yorkís Capital District was recently published and he has another book called Lost Industries of Saratoga County coming out in early November. Starr is married and has a three-year-old daughter. 


Q What do you do with your job at Hometown Health Center?

A I am in charge of grants, maintenance, construction projects, and help out in several other departments, like accounting. Hometown is a medical and dental provider that is federally funded and helps the underinsured and uninsured. I like helping the people underserved in the community.


Q How did you get into accounting?

A I really like history but there is not a lot of money in it, so I studied accounting as well as history. My goal is to make a living off of history someday. I have eight published books and this past one was the first one published by History Press, since the others were self published. 


Q Was there anything surprising in your book research?

A Looking back at the 19th century in the Capital District is very surprising. This was a major manufacturing area. There were inventions with electricity in Schenectady because of General Electric and with shirts and collars in Troy because of the companies there. Itís neat.

Q Any other books in the works?

A I actually had to cut my last book in half so there is enough research for another one and I have completed another book too called Lost Industries of Albany County.  


Q If you could invent anything, what would it be?

A A flying car because I hate commuting so much. Itís the worst part of my day. I wish my commute was only 5 minutes but it is 35 minutes. Iím not a driving enthusiast.



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